The Chasm of Narboth

The Underdark is a scary place. Full of spiders, shadows, orcs, goblins, and, yes, drow, duergar, deep gnomes, devils, demons, and darkness.

Just imagine how much more awful it is when you are a slave. . .

Of course, escape from the slavers and the mine workings is probably a good idea. But where is a weaponless, escaped slave to go…
(hints: get out of the mine workings… maybe get a weapon, or several… get rid of the pesky collar your [former] owner put on you… get out of town… find some place safe…)

So what is the backstory…
Our foxling was captured in the foothills west of Mead by a party of human and orc slavers. Those folks sold him to drow slave traders operating out of the mountains west of Mead. Those slavers took him down into the Underdark town of Gargholt (2 week journey from surface) and put to work in an iron mine. The character is not, however, particularly well-suited to this work (not being very strong), and the drow owner ordered that the character be whipped every day. This persisted for 9 days until the owner, seeing a way to get rid of the character without taking a loss, wagered our Foxling away in game of bone-dice. The new owner, a duergar wizard/mine boss by the name of Kromhoft, was under the impression that he was getting a strong slave, not a nimble (but weak) Foxling. Kronhoft cannot, however, take out his anger on his trading partners the drow, so instead he takes it out on the Foxling. To smooth things over with Kromhoft, the drow slaver gave him the whip that they had been using on the Foxling, and then they sent Kromhoft, the Foxling, and the rest of their party (4 other slaves and a dozen fighters) back to Kharsfarfsalon — another 3 week journey. During that time, Kromhoft whipped the Foxling every day – because he can.
Today is the first day in Kharsfarfsalon.

Chasm of Narboth

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